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There are so many different clubs and pubs to choose from in Myrtle Beach that it’s difficult to go to the same one twice. The largest nightlife conglomerate in Myrtle Beach is definitely Broadway at the Beach. At Broadway there are world famous establishments such as Hard Rock CafĂ© and Planet Hollywood, which offer a lot of memorabilia and occasionally live music. And then there are local favorites like Revolutions, where your platform shoes and disco dance moves are back in style. If disco doesn’t do it for you, then try Froggy Bottoms. Froggy’s is a blues and rock bar featuring live music almost every night of the week. There are two clubs that adjoin Froggy’s, the one to the left is Malibu’s and to the right is Club Boca. Both of these nightlife establishments are beach themed, booty shaking dance clubs.

If you are in the mood for something that is not quite so grandiose and don’t mind wandering about town for a while, then you might want to patronize one of the several smaller bars and pubs that specialize in import beers and micro-brews, Liberty’s, Stool Pigeons, and Bodo’s German Brauhaus (tell Helen the owner I said “hello”), are just a few.

If live music is what you crave then be sure to start your nightly quest at the House of Blues. They are world famous for their live music, food and drinks. It is worth the trip alone to view all of the Americana and folk art adorning every nook and cranny of the establishment. If local fare is more your flavor for live music, then try bars like Gypsy’s and Alley Cat’s. They specialize in rock, blues and jam bands. By this point, if you still yearn for something different there is the Lazy I, which mainly caters to punk, Indy and experimental rock. If you are more into the rave scene then keep an ear to the street and an extra pacifier in your pocket there is always something going on and it’s usually around Industry. Be sure to keep an ear open for local vinyl guru, DJ Tim “de groove” Scott. He’s always spinnin’ somewhere and is truly an auditory delight.

The visitors who come to the Grand Strand by way of the rainbow might want to check out a few local establishments that cater to those who live an “alternative lifestyle”. Places like Time Out, Paradox and the Rainbow House should help point you in the right direction to have a good time.

Whew, all this bar hoppin’ is making me tired. So at this point you’re on your own. Have fun!

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