Club Boca

Club Boca

What to expect: Dance is the focus here, with Mainstream, Latin House, Techno & Hip-Hop spun by dual DJs for a touch of Miami and Vegas right in Myrtle Beach.

No Jerseys (Sports Teams), No Cut off Clothing, No Over-sized T-Shirt, No Baggy Clothing, No Oversized Chains or Medalions, No Sunglasses,  No Plain T-Shirts,No Tank Tops (men only), No Jogging Suits, No Skull Caps or Bandannas, No Headbands, No Work Boots,No Hats (in Club Boca only), No Logo or Sports Design T-Shirts (in Club Boca only), SHOES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES!

The only Big City style club in Myrtle Beach! Dress to Impress is the style of Club Boca!

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