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beyond 200 yards of the shore

beyond 100 yards from shore

400 ft. from shore and 400 ft. from the pier.

Watercraft dates: mid-April and mid-Sept.
diving from piers:
Vehicles on the beach:

North Myrtle Beach from Dec.1 through Feb. 28 from 8am to 5pm.

Alcohol or glass containers:
Thong bathing suits:
Dog leashes required:
Animals on the beach: No animals allowed on the beach between 9am – 5pm from May 15 – Sept. 15.

Myrtle Beach City Council grants permission for horses to be ridden on the beach on an annual basis.

No dogs are allowed on the beach between 9am – 5pm from May 15 – Sept. 15 Dogs are not allowed on the beach at any time from May 15 – Sept. 15.

Riding horses on the beach is prohibited.

Sleeping on the beach:
(9 p.m. – sunrise)
Smoking on the beach:
Surfing regulations: April 30-Sept. 15

10am-5pm:  from south of Damon’s Restaurant to north of Spring Maid Pier; 37th Ave. N. to 47th Ave. N.; 62nd Ave. N. to 68th Ave. N.; and 82nd Ave. N. to the north end of the city limits.

Mid-May to mid-Sept., between 9am-4pm:

Cherry Grove Pier; 13th Ave. S.; 28th Ave. S.; 38th Ave. S.; 6th Ave. N. Surfers must wear surfboard leash at all times.

Surfing is permitted from May 16-Sept. 14

10am-5pm ONLY in the area between 270 ft. south of 12th Ave. N. and 14th Ave. N.; as well as from 300 ft. north of 13th Ave. S. to the south town limits. Also, anywhere from sunrise-10am and 5pm to sunset except within 300 ft. of pier.

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