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Need transportation on your next trip to Myrtle Beach? Renting a car can give you freedom and schedule flexibility when you’re traveling, and in some parts of the Grand Strand it’s the best way to get around.  Read on for our practical tips on saving money, and avoiding problems with your car rental.

Think about what kind of transportation you’ll need. If you’re traveling with kids or with a lot of stuff, you may want a large sedan or SUV. If you’re simply looking to save money on rental rates and gas, you’ll want to reserve the smallest available model.

You have to inspect the car for existing damages and broken features. There should be an inspection form left on the dashboard to write down any damages. If you do not find one, ask for one. Check to see if any part of the interior is broken, damaged, or torn. Don’t forget to check if the rental car has a full tank of gas since rentals must be returned with a full tank. After you’ve made a note of any damages, return the form to the attendant before taking the car.

Weekly rates are usually better than weekend rates.  If you plan on using the vehicle for five days or more, choose the weekly rate. We offer several specials to help you enjoy your Myrtle Beach as cost effective as possible.

If you’re booking online, read the terms and conditions carefully before confirming your reservation. If you’re booking over the phone, ask the agent about restrictions. Be sure you understand the conditions of your reservation. Is there a fee for additional drivers and must their names be listed in the contract? Is your 20-year-old daughter old enough to drive the car? (For liability reasons, this is important.)

Make sure you ask about any restrictions on interstate travel. This is especially important if you plan on Golfing in North Carolina during your trip. For your own protection in case of breakdown, be sure the company has offices in all the states on your itinerary.

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